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2019 in Review and Looking Forward to 2020

Big things are planned for inSupply Labs in 2020. We’ll continue to engineer and build new equipment for processing hemp and isolating cannabinoid compounds. Our staff welders are incredible at taking our engineering visions and fabricating them into stainless steel tools, each one more efficient than the last. Looking back at 2019, the engineering and fabrication of equipment for making isolate is our most important accomplishment.

Our largest accomplishment in 2019 was organizing the harvest and processing the crop. We continue to find new respect for the agriculture businesses! Most of our hemp comes for the Oregon’s central Willamette Valley. Our 25,000 sq foot warehouse and manufacturing facility in Portland isn’t big enough to handle the entire crop at once, so we had to lease a centrally located facility outside of Salem to manage the logistics.

Like any manufacturing business, consistent quality is always a primary objective. With the hemp industry still in its infancy, we receive product from the growers in different states of processing. This was more a problem with the 2018 crop, which we fixed in 2019. The raw material we received from our grower-partners this season was consistently “cleaner” than before. Most of the stalk materials had been removed before reaching inSupply Labs.

Creating the refined CBD and CBG isolate, the finished product we sell to our clients, was a smooth process and we have plenty in inventory. We have also perfected the process of freezing and storing hemp for use all year long. inSupply Lab has plenty of hemp for processing throughout 2020. We are inSupply.

2020 is the year we build out the sales and marketing of our CBD and CBG isolate products. It’s more than telling our story and sending product to our value-add clients. CBD products make life easier for so many people suffering from chronic pain. Managing arthritis discomfort without opioid-based pain killers is a blessing for many. CBG is showing promise with OCD, panic attacks and anxiety. inSupply Labs is investing in the industry, helping bring the benefits of these compounds to the masses.

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